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Identify your strengths across these three dimension:


How well you perform when using these strengths


How energised you are when you use these strengths


How often you use these strengths

Hanaa Wong Abdullah

About the trainer

Hanaa is a strengths and performance coach. She's a leader in several NGOs and founded her own company in 2013.
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"Coach Hanaa guided me to incredibly eye-opening epiphanies of my strengths, and how I can use them to strategise for both my personal and professional ventures. Thank you to Coach Hanaa for leading me to and through the thorough and comprehensive assessment that pivoted me towards the right direction!"
Joan Faydrie Lojingki
Social media influencer
"The Strengths Profile has allowed me to see my unrealised strengths. Traits I never fully realised. It has helped me be more mindful. I'm grateful to have tried the test."
Johan Julian Lee Abdullah
Martial Art Coach Owner of Kinabalu Fighters martial arts and fitness centre.
"The Strengths Profile was awesome! It's like staring at myself in the mirror 😍 It pushes me to maximise my strengths to give more value to others and a reminder to work on my weaknesses."
Norfaranina Zaki
Instagram Branding Coach
" I love how now I know what I enjoy doing, can and can't do. The learned behaviours category is truly an eye-opener."
Sylma Jepin
Public Speaking Coach
"I used to feel unmotivated to the point of feeling lost when it came to achieving my goals. But after learning what my unique strengths are, I have been able to increase my productivity and narrow down my focus to achieving my dreams."
Jan Johan
Entrepreneur/ Web-designer