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About the Shell liveWIRE program: 

"The Shell LiveWIRE program aims to equip East Malaysian entrepreneurs with the right skills and knowledge to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. Through a series of workshops, budding entrepreneurs will be guided in developing their business ideas, managing their company's growth, and planning milestones to chart and evaluate their performance. Under the coaching of the Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE team, the program lays out the best foundation for entrepreneurs to build their business own.
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how it works:

bright ideas workshop

Introductory workshop to challenge participants to refine their business ideas.

become a successful owner-manager (bsom)

Workshop to teach and empower the top 30 entrepreneurs in each state to become a business owner-manager.

livewire pitching workshop

Top ten entrepreneurs from the BSOM Workshop are required to attend a pitching workshop in preparation for the Pitching Competition.

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