At Rema Synergy, we are committed to help startups and entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance to build and grow their business. Meet our coaches who are dedicated to help you in achieving your goals through their fields of expertise. Book your 1-hour session today.

Strengths Profiling Coaching

Get profiled and learn more about your realized and unrealized strength with Coach Hanaa.
What do they mean? How can you use them to your advantage?
Ultimately pave your way to success through a Strength Profiling session.

Level One:
Starter Profile (30 Minutes)

Level Two: 
Introductory Profile (45 Minutes)

Level Three:
Expert Profile (60 Minutes)

Business Performance Coaching

Unsure what to do or where to go with your business? Are you looking for a coach that can help you optimize your business performance?
Spend an hour with Coach Johan to assess where you are and see where you want to be moving forward.
Executive Coaching (60 Minutes)
Your Investment: RM500

Confidence & Public Speaking Coaching

Are you struggling with speaking in public (eg. selling, pitching, etc) or need help to boost your confidence? You are not alone. 
Get that extra edge by booking a session with Coach Sylma and find out how you too can speak with confidence.
Level One: 30 Minutes
Level Two: 45 Minutes
Level Three: 60 Minutes

Your Investment

RS Service Level One RM168
RS Service Level Two RM388
RS Service Level Three RM498
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