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Our Training Programs

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Training - Creating a Coaching & Mentoring Culture for Success
Training - Cultivating Work Force Resilience for Success
Mental Health at Work
Training - Prevention and Reduction of Burnout in the Workplace
Training - Leadership Essentials: Supervisory/Managerial Training
Training - Effective Presentation Skills
Training - Team Building: Strengths in Diversity
Training - Business Administration Essentials
Customize your training based on your needs. Contact us for a Training Needs Analysis.

Other Programs

Ares Burger Business Game Simulation

Ares Burger Business Simulation

Are you wondering if you should start a business? Or are figuring out what type of entrepreneur you are?

If simulation training is good enough for pilots to learn to fly, then the ARES Burger Business Simulation game is your way to get prepared to start a business successfully.

Strength Profiling

Strengths Profiling

Everyone has something they excel at and yes, that means YOU too!

What if we tell you, you may have strengths that you know of and those that have gone unnoticed? And how do you take advantage and optimize your strengths? Book a session with Coach Hanaa to learn what and how.

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