2-Day Canva Hands-On Workshop

Day 1 (FRIDAY, 8pm-11pm)

Branding your business on Instagram:

- Instagram Bio Makeover

- Creating Systematic Content Pillars

- Create your own Brand Style Guide (Brand personality, Brand Vibe, Brand Voice, Colours, Font etc)

Day 2 (SATURDAY, 8pm - 11pm)

Time to Makeover and create beautiful and magnetic Instagram step by step


By the end of the Master Instagram Branding with Canva Workshop, you will have created a full set of consistent visuals that will actually help you promote your brand.

You will have mastered Canva and will be able to use it to produce any kind of visuals you need in the future.

You will be able to present your brand as a high quality, professional business, and you will have tons of insider tips, tricks and resources that will save you time, money, and take your business's visual identity further than you ever thought possible.


+ FREE "What's Your Ig Flavour" Instagram Makeover eWorkbook (1oo pages) (worth RM88)

+ FREE Canva Masterclass for Beginner Recording (worth RM97)

+ FREE Advance Masterclass Recording

+ FREE Canva Mobile App Masterclass Recording (worth RM97)

+ Be included into Fara Bosnita private alumni Facebook group (Priceless)
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Hello! I'm Fara!

Throughout my 6 years of juggling between my role as a mom of 3 and as an entrepreneur, I have relied heavily on my Instagram for my online marketing, and I can't stress enough how important it is to have a strategic brand foundation and a presentable looking Instagram feed for a consistent and strong online presence towards my online business success.

Truthfully, there were a lot of days that I stared at my smartphone thinking.. "what the heck am I going to post for today???", especially when I'm constantly surrounded by never ending house chores and infinite calling of "Mommy, mommy, mommy".
When my smartphone is being used to entertain the young one, switching on the computer to access my design software is just too much of a hassle.

Often times, i also have trouble getting my creative juices going to design posts and keep my Instagram presentation cohesive. Although it might look great as a single post, after few posts, things just look so messy or cluttered and do not represent my brand personality as I hoped for.
Only after I learned the strategic techniques I listed out in this workbook to build my brand and to plan and schedule my Instagram feed, together with apps to shorten the design to post process did i successfully release myself form the internal stress.

With the strategic techniques that I learned, not only did I successfully release myself from the mental stress of planning what to post daily, I also managed to have a presentable content that gives value to my customer and triple my social media management engagements and my income!

What is it about?

This e-Workbook provides you with the essential guides and strategies to create A GOOD ONLINE MARKETING FOUNDATION WITH A BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT LOOKING INSTAGRAM FEED  that represents your true brand personality and a smart content planning technique that will benefit busy business owners like you and me!
  • Understand why branding and finding your ideal client is important
  • Craft your brand statement
  • Audit and improve your Instagram bio
  • Find your brand personality and colour
  • Learn different types of Instagram theme presentations
  • Discover mobile apps to help with your Instagram makeover
  • Plan and strategize content in advance
  • Apply caption writing technique


Here are also some of the video feedback from all of my students who bought this e-Workbook during the prelaunch
Believe it or not... 90% of them do not have any design background! Just like you, they are beginners in this field as well.
Architect and Interior Designer
"I'm Shazana, an Architect and Interior Designer mom of 2 small kids who juggles all work and handling 3 Instagram Business account!One IG account providing Architecture & ID service and the other two selling health products and food product. Faint! Before this I've wonder how do other people do it? Having strong IG account with real engaging followers, there must be something more I thought.

Having a designer background still doesn't help too. I've tried following tips but there was still something missing.Until I brought the eworkbook from Farabosnita and went through it I understand what was missing. The eworkbook contents are clear, fun and refreshing. Step by step guidence anyone could understand 👍Now for me everything has fall into place. I have more time doing my own thing beside thinking and holding my Handphone 24/7 thinking and finding what should I post today seriously! 🥴

I'm proud to say I enjoy writing my content, designing my post and comfortable posting without being too salesy 😊Thank you Fara! 💗💗💗"
So glad I decided to get your book! 

Even though memang biasa already with managing online business the past 5 years, but my schedule has never been this tersusun.

InsyaAllah, my Tudung Tapau will only launch tomorrow, so slowly gaining traction. Hopefully by the time business starts rolling in betul betul my work process / system suda set la. For now got soooo much time (thanks to your workbook!) to tweak things here and there. 🤗 🤗 🤗
Architect and Interior Designer
Ben Uzair
Radio announcer on KK12FM
I want the rest of 2020 to be awesome, and I am getting some IG coaching from @Farabosnita

She has this awesome e-book and it is packed with tips. WORTH THE INVESTMENT! 
I have been in the insurance business since 2014 until now. One of our main platform of business is through online marketing and social media such as instagram. It has been a struggle because I did not know what and how to convey the message to my audience. However, recently I have come across this “What’s your ig flavor Ebook” and it has changed everything. Through this ebook, the users can learn more about strategic foundation of their business and will be able to identify their brand superpower and brand personality. The ebook also helps user to identify specific target in the market to focus on that will help to boost their business.

To those of you that are struggling with what and how to post online for your business or if you need a makeover for your instagram, you can check out “What’s your ig flavor Ebook” because it is worth it. FARIQAH KALAM

Financial Consultant
(Hong Leong Assurance)
Financial Consultant
(Hong Leong Assurance)
If you are a business owner or someone who would like to build personal brand using social media (Instagram in particular as one of your platform) but:
  • don't have any design background
  • stuck on planning or coming out with content
  • not sure on your brand vibe, colour or personality
  • always on the go, don't have computer or rely heavily on your smartphone to do your work

Then I would highly recommend you to start with this e-Workbook before investing / outsourcing on a social media manager or a 1:1 social media coaching.

This workbook is not for you if you are:
  • Comfortable with having unorganised Instagram presentation that is confusing for your customer to understand what you are offering
  • Not willing to put in the effort to be present consistently for your potential customer
  • Only expecting sales to happen without giving value to your online visitors who could potentially be your customer
If you are ready to dive into my world and discover your brand's true personality, build strong online presence by giving value to your potential customers that could double or triple your online engagement and 'Prettify' your Instagram without having too much stress, I invite you to find your IG Flavour in my What's Your IG Flavour - e-Workbook!
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Maximise your best SELF with STRENGTHS. Get a Strengths Profile to scale up yourSELF, team and business.

Purchase strengths survey

Identify your strengths across these three dimension:


How well you perform when using these strengths


How energised you are when you use these strengths


How often you use these strengths

Hanaa Wong Abdullah

About the trainer

Hanaa is a strengths and performance coach. She's a leader in several NGOs and founded her own company in 2013.
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Introductory profile

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Expert profile

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Strengths Quadrant revealing up to:

  • 7 realised and unrealised strengths
  • 4 learned behaviours
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Descriptions and development advice for each of the above
  • Action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealised strengths
  • Optional Careers Guide revealing up to 8 recommended job sectors

All the Introductory Profile data plus:

  • Your 60 strengths revealed within the 4 Quadrant categories
  • Your full 60 strengths revealed within the 5 Strengths Families
  • Action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealised strengths
  • Optional Career Guide revealing up to 8 recommended job sectors


"Coach Hanaa guided me to incredibly eye-opening epiphanies of my strengths, and how I can use them to strategise for both my personal and professional ventures. Thank you to Coach Hanaa for leading me to and through the thorough and comprehensive assessment that pivoted me towards the right direction!"
Joan Faydrie Lojingki
Social media influencer
"The Strengths Profile has allowed me to see my unrealised strengths. Traits I never fully realised. It has helped me be more mindful. I'm grateful to have tried the test."
Johan Julian Lee Abdullah
Martial Art Coach Owner of Kinabalu Fighters martial arts and fitness centre.
"The Strengths Profile was awesome! It's like staring at myself in the mirror 😍 It pushes me to maximise my strengths to give more value to others and a reminder to work on my weaknesses."
Norfaranina Zaki
Instagram Branding Coach
" I love how now I know what I enjoy doing, can and can't do. The learned behaviours category is truly an eye-opener."
Sylma Jepin
Public Speaking Coach
"I used to feel unmotivated to the point of feeling lost when it came to achieving my goals. But after learning what my unique strengths are, I have been able to increase my productivity and narrow down my focus to achieving my dreams."
Jan Johan
Entrepreneur/ Web-designer