5 Things to Do while Dodging Covid-19

Covid-19 got you working from home, under mandated lock-down or you've initiated self-quarantine yourself because one of your relatives went somewhere and met someone they shouldn't have?

Two whole weeks. 14 days. That can feel like a lifetime cooped up in our homes. Especially if its with the significant other and the kids. Keeping busy is a great way to keep the boredom away but seriously, how many times a day can you check your social media and take selfies? How many more dishes can you snap and upload to Instagram?

If you have just started your lock-down or are in the middle of it and running out of things to do, here are 5 activities to keep you mentally healthy, sane and safe to be around your significant other and kids.

Activity 1. Tik Tok. If you don't have a tik tok account yet, it might be a good time to download and install it on your phone. Once you've done that, get your family together and start practicing your dance moves. It might take you about 14 days to get everyone synchronized. At the end of the lock-down, you'll have had a great family bonding activity and maybe even a ton of followers on tik tok.

Activity 2. Sign up for an online course. There are many courses on coding, graphic design and many other things. My significant other is planning to brush up on sewing and cooking. Myself, I myself am looking to brush up on python coding. After the lock-down, you might have a new marketable skill, which may come in handy as we face a devastated economy.

Activity 3. Good time to KonMari your house. Just need to get everyone on board and do some planning. Benefits of KonMari-ing? Great family activity and you get to free up space for a more comfortable lock-down. You might even find stuff to sell on e-bay and other second-hand or auction sites and earn a few bucks for your efforts. You can sell books you've read on Amazon, for example.

Activity 4. Clean up your computer and email accounts. No matter how you use your computer, you will surely have accumulated a lot of junk in it. And the space in your email accounts, especially free services, might be congested with spam and read and dated emails. Spend some time to defrag and clean up your computers. Free up disk space and organize your files better. Your reward, your computer might perform faster and it might even seem like a new computer. Look through your emails and delete junk emails, dated emails and social emails that don't require action from you anymore. Get back valuable storage space for your email accounts.

Activity 5. Spend time with your significant other and family. You're stuck in a confined space. So are they. Great time for family activities like cooking, baking or playing board or card games. Have chats with them and also ask them if they have any activity ideas on how to survive the lock-down period together. These 14 days could be an opportunity to build strong family bonds that can last a lifetime.

So there you have it. 5 activities with great benefits that anyone can do. While doing these activities, remember to take precautions. Washing of hands and monitoring of any symptoms.

Good luck and wish you all the best.

Johan Amilin is a Certified Performance Coach and Certified in Positive Psychology.

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Johan Amilin

Certified Performance and Business Coach
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