Hanaa Wong Abdullah

Founder & Advisor, Strengths Coach

Hanaa is a leader and coach and passionate about empowering others to be the highest version of themselves, through self-discovery using Strength Profiling to help teams and coachees understand their unique strengths to take action for Work Life Harmony. Hanaa practises living a Level 10 Life everyday where she focuses on different areas of life to harmonise those areas to be at level 10 - in harmony and in sync - like a beautiful orchestral piece with different musical pieces that crescendo and decrescendo at the right times. Hanaa recognises that we all have different “right times”. Her goal is to help everyone accept and work with what is best for them. 

Johan Amilin

Founder, Business & Performance Coach

Johan Amilin is a Business and Performance Coach who helps companies and individuals in their success. With wide experience in personal transformation and business leadership, Johan uses his experience to guide and support others in being the best version of themselves.

Sylma Jepin

CEO, Confidence Coach

Sylma is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell, they just have to find the courage to tell it. With this intention and belief, she has coached over 300 individuals and helped them find their voice and tell their stories. The foundation of confidence is self esteem. That's why it is her mission to help build her client's self esteem first, then they will be equipped with the necessary tools to build their self confidence.

Adelina Adna


Adelina is a self-trained multi-passionate creative. She is a creative, writer, microbusiness branding and social media strategist, trainer, event organizer, and make up artist. She is passionate about knowledge and resource sharing, empower designing for non-designers, creating innovative and creative solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.

Evelyn Kong


Evelyn is responsible to maintain Rema Synergy's administration by organizing daily operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence and many more. She is very particular in what she's doing and knows where to find the best food in town especially when we have our company gathering.

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