About us

Rema Synergy offers Coaching and Mentoring for individuals, groups and corporations. The coaching program is overseen by Certified Performance Coach and member of the International Association of Coaching, Johan Amilin.

He practices a Coaching with Heart methodology, believing that without touching the heart, a coach can’t appeal to the brain and as such a coach’s role is to support and develop their clients to achieve their goals.

Hanaa Wong Abdullah

Founder. Mentor. Certified HRDF Trainer. Positive Psychology and Well Being (Langley, Australia). Certified Organisational Zoo Trainer

Hanaa Wong Abdullah is a passionate leader and entrepreneur and has been involved in empowering startup entrepreneurs, women, young leaders, and corporate leaders since 2000.
Hanaa brings with her the experience of living and working in Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Kota Kinabalu.  Accumulatively, it has shaped and strengthened her values for high integrity, diversity, and maximising everyone’s potential for successful and joyful living.  
In the co-founding of Rema Synergy PLT with her life and business partner, Johan, Hanaa finds great satisfaction in designing training programs, speaking and sharing the knowledge and up-to-date research findings for the empowerment of emerging leaders and successful entrepreneurs.  

Johan Amilin

Certified Performance Coach. Certified Mentor. Certified HRDF Trainer. Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner. Positive Psychology and Well Being (Langley, Australia), Certified Organisational Zoo Trainer

Johan Amilin is an experienced business person and has been Chairman of the Board for a government-linked company.
With experience in leading boards and managing companies, Johan brings his extensive corporate and business career experience into the world of entrepreneurship and business development.
He has worked in finance and investment, has been involved in businesses ranging from advertising, micropayments, online education, music sharing, and wireless communication.
He continues to be active in several businesses and has been a judge at several business pitching contests including Sabah Got Ideas, Pitch Borneo and Startup Weekend.
He shares his thoughts about business with other corporates and group and works to support the entrepreneur ecosystem in Sabah.

Johan Julian Lee

Founder of: KK Young Entrepreneur Sabah, Kinabalu Fighters Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, HOBBYCON, FIGHT FEST, BORNEO FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP

HRDF Certified Trainer. ISKA & IFMA Muaythai & Kickboxing Instructor.

Johan Julian Lee Abdullah is a certified Muaythai and Kickboxing instructor; the founder & owner of Kinabalu Fighters martial arts and fitness center since 2012.
He is the organiser of North Borneo's combat sports events such as Borneo Fighting Championship and Fight Fest.  He is also the founder of the Sabah's annual Youth, Cosplay, and E-sports event: Hobbycon.  
Johan has coached students in resilience, growth mindset and entrepreneurship in various talks like TED Talks UMS, KK Young Entrepreneur, ISKA Borneo Expo and many more.
He is passionate in helping people achieve their highest potential, be it mental or physical.  Having coached and produced champions from his gym, he is ready to coach you to be a champion in your business.

Fara Zaki

Founder of Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa — The first baby spa in Sabah, Founder of KK Young Entrepreneur, Certified International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) Instructor, organiser of Sabah Hobby Convention, winner of Shell Livewire 2018

An award-winning entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the creative multimedia field, Fara is an advocate to bring people together in exploring their hidden creativity.

With her vast experience and knowledge in retail and online businesses, Fara wishes to help local startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to create a memorable strong authentic brand, be unforgettable and profitable online.

Fara was also a trainer in numerous entrepreneur programs including Sabah Shell LiveWIRE, Startup Malaysia, Icube Innovation Sarawak including local government events sharing her knowledge and expertise in social media marketing, branding and design with Canva.

She has also trained more than 1000 students (local & international) online and transformed many Instagram businesses with her Instagram Makeover service.

For free branding and Instagram Makeover tips, follow her on her Instagram at @farabosnita.

Sylma Jepin

Public Speaking Coach. Winner of multiple public speaking contests. An associate member of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS).

Sylma has helped over 300 individuals discover their confidence through public speaking.
She is a passionate believer that public speaking is a skill, not a talent.  Therefore, anyone with the right guidance can be trained as a confident speaker.  
She is a certified IAC Masteries Practitioner and a Public Speaking Coach.  Currently, she is a Professional Member of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and Toastmasters International, where she is serving as the District 87 Public Relations Manager (Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia)
She is a Growth Specialist and one of the Co-Founders of YesHello (SaaS company) and an Associate Partner of Rema Synergy (training company).
Sylma was also featured in the 2nd Edition of Successful People in Malaysia by British Publishing House.